A Little Linux Trick

Hallo! 🙂

Usually one should know what version and flavour of Linus one is running on their PC. That’s a given, isn’t it? BUUUUUT if you’re, like, a total scatterbrain and, let’s say you’ve been away for a couple weeks, on vacation to Jamaica or to the Betty Ford Clinic, and now you’re coming back from rehab and just can’t remember what sort of Linux you were running the day when the nice men in white were comming to take you away …

The scenario makes sense so far? Good. Because in that case you just open a terminal and type in following command, which works on every fukn Linux known to mankind:

lsb_release -a

Can’t be easier, right? No sudo or root rights necessary, as this is just a quick query. And now you know exactly that you’re on Namib GNU/Linux. But today, right now, I know, you’re in a state of confusion, mixed with annoyance, irritation, hate and a vicious urge to grab a baseball bat and clobber Orsi over the head with it. 😮

Sorry for the inconvenience. But sooner or later you’ll need exactly this command. And then you’ll be happy that the clever auntie Orcsi has let you in on this secret. =^.^=

Happy lsb trip everybody! 🙂


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