Talking About Gaming …

… I just thought, once again, why not trying out a “real” game? And this YT video inspired me even more:

Tee hee, you know stupid Orcsi started the download of this free game immediately, before even knowing what Xonotic is all about …

No idea what complicated ways Mr. DistroTube used to install his version, as a smart ArchLinux girl I just utilize the easypeasy pacman -S command.

Uiuiuiiii … and then I hear it’s an arena shooter and I hear terribly fugly sound effects and my heart sinks. Pfff, whatever. Now I’m downloading Xonotic and will at least try it out for a couple minutes. I hope I’ll get at least a pretty avatar. 😉

Ugh, oh noes 😦 It’s a first person shooter so I’ll never get to see the hotness of my undoubtly very feminine sharpshooter. Pfff… Fuk man, no wonder girls don’t game. Don’t those game makers know we always have the desire to look good and to show off our assets? But this? Am I even female in Xonotic? Or just the typical, cigar munching alpha male with big guns? Ok, we shall see. Please expect a more in depth report about Xonotic later or tomorrow.

It’ll most probably be a very short story. I suck at games, I’m slow and my connection to the interwebz has very bad latency. Also I have  a very healthy inner blockade to prevent me from shooting at anybody/anything, even if it’s just NPCs in a shooting game.


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