A Little Bit About German “Bollocktics”

Ha, thx to my girl Sammie Vintner’s new word creation I can’t get this term out of my head whenever I have to think about politics. Because that is what this blogstory is about, internal German politics. Call it sign-of-the-times or just fukuppery of the old democratic stalwarts, or of worldwide Trumpification, the sad and hurtful effect is the same.


In Germany (yes, that worldfamous country that brought you the perfect incarnation of nationalism and fascism and war and genocide, in typical German efficiency and radical solution-oriented fashion, in the short period of 1933 – 1945), of all countries, in Germany, we have a basically nazi party as second strongest party now. 😮

From Germany’s most important public TV station

18% would vote for AfD if we had elections this Sunday. That’s 1% more than the SPD would receive. SPD, the Socialdemocratic party that for long convenient years was ruling Germany, before the world’s population lost all perspective and intellect and globally moved to the snake-oil dealers of the far right. 😦

But why Germany? WTF, weren’t we once so shellshocked after WW2 that people and politicians vowed that no nationalism and no fascism should ever spring from the German soil again? And now, in just a couple years the beast reared its ugly head. And – this is the worst – the media gave them a light blue colour. Brown would’ve been more fitting, dontcha think?

And my own fave party, the Left, still hanging around 10%. 😦 But any way, in these modern times most parties aren’t what they once stood for. Ok, fukn Christian Democrats are still their selfish selves, as are the meaningless Liberals but SPD are traitors to their principles and they feel it in rapidly sinking votes. So the Left, formerly Socialists, are now the only party maintaining Socialdemocratic politics. But for some reason or the other they can’t get more than 10%. Now, at a time when we’d need them most. :/ Shit.

And don’t get me started on the Greens. When they started in the 70s all they had in mind was avoiding the construction of nuclear power plants and doing all sorts of environmetally friendly and world-peace stuffz, and they were naturally always rather leftist hippies … but not anymore. These days they are strongly anti-Russian, supporting the nazi Ukraine, and in favour of dropping bombs on anything.

So this is Germany 73 years after they hurled the whole planet into the worstest chaos ever. This is what became of Germany after waking up and becoming ultra-democratic and ultra friendly towards all our neigbors on this marble. A posterchild of Socialdemocratic goodness and happyness throughout all the population. After we were more or less the Shining City Upon the Hill for some decades, we’ve now sunken back into dull hatred and small minded, short term populist phrases.

I guess you, dear readers, can see similar developments in your respective home countries. Isn’t it terrible? But well, you haven’t been through what Germany’s been through, you didn’t have the Jews in your family thrown into camps by your own fukn Government, you didn’t cause the whole planet to stand up against you. But Germany has. And one would expect they’ve learned their lesson from that. And made it their holy mission – which it was for some decades after the war – not to let this fascist stuff ever happen again on German soil!

And now look at the percentages. 😦

And look at the sheeples. These aren’t young ppl in black balaclavas and armed with mollies, they are just your boring everyday ppl from the street, your own fukn neighbourhood variety.

No, they aren’t really nazis. Not yet. These people are worse! They all just feel a dull anger against foreigners. Instead of hating their useless government they are projecting their hatred towards weaker humans, i.e. asylum seekers, refugees and everybody who’s different. Why? Because the gov’ment, as stupid as they are, are quite clever in steering the population’s thought processes. It’s mostly a ruse, a trick to deflect the anger away from themselves and towards an easier, more helpless target.

Fuk! 😮


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