Orca Was Wrong :/

Which is no problem and doesn’t come unexpected. She’s wrong every so often, as you know she’s more opinion than knowledge. And in this case I’m even very happy to have been wrong. Since months I’m waiting for my personally fave Linux distro to appear on DistroWatch. No, wrong, it is already in DW but not in the ranking … and WRONG AGAIN! Just because I’m too blind to see it doesn’t mean it ain’t there. Look:

Namib is officially happening! 🙂

And … did you see? Namib’s on a straight upwards trend! Over the whole year on #294 , it climbed up over the 6 mths ranking #209, 3 mth #176, 1 mth #161, up to 1 week #143.

I find that a great success! Particularly for a still considered freakish Linux, such as Arch, and not nannied and n00byfied and communified like Manjaro and Antergos. In fact there isn’t much of a commune yet, and the forum was rather sleepy when I checked the last time. Still the old adage holds true: Cream rises to the top! Every climb up the ranking list Namib managed by itself, through its undeniable qualities; not through some marketing/social networking effect. I mean, ok, there is Orca’s blog and of course DistroTube‘s, Yonn Lopez‘s, and Tom‘s and some other video reviews (plus Fred‘s own)[No, it’s a different Frederic] but it’s all pretty quiet, not with a big hullaballoo like it was the case with, for example, Solus and/or Elementary. No, Namib made its way totally on its own merits. Cool. I mean of course this is still a far cry off of Manjaro and Mint. But Manjaro has nowhere to go from its #1 spot but down, Namib’s door to success just opened wide! We’ll hear more about this nifty sympathetic Arch system in the future!


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