OrcaCube V2 ;)

Hallo Zwergkaninchen and Alpha Kevins 😉

Van is in alignment center, finally getting the steering problem solved as best as can be. Ergo no way to get to the gym, ergo … sitting at home … bored outta my skull. Yay, best conditions to fiddle with my magic cube, make it perfecterer and maybe even turn it into a piece of naiive art or sumfink …


It all starts with a serious and sober assessment of the basic cube …


… and ends up not too much later with the cube blown up in size, turned 45°, put a rotation script in and … this is the most visible difference, made it 50% trans and put a 0.05% glow on it. Looks good at night time. That’s … that’s, like, modern art or so. 😮

Just, as fancy as this cube is now, somehow it doesn’t fit the style of a humble little nudie onsen and party pool. 😉


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