Microsoft Again?

Ooooh, datz fancy!!!

A pain point. Really?

Well, thank you, Microsoft. I guess.

Somehow newnesses like those make me highly suspicious and asking about why does MS such stuff, what is their plan? Showing all their users how easy and good life in Linux can be (yes, even in Ubuntu), can’t surely be good for the Windows business. So what’s their endgame, what’s their mid- and long term plan?

Also, but this might just be  a bad choice of words by OMG! Ubuntu‘s Joey Sneddon, a Linux install is a pain point? Typing in any name and a password is a pain? Compared to what? Windows’ installation process, which takes forever, wants to know every small detail about you and demands you typing in a looong loooong licence number? And compared to that the Ubu install was a pain point?

Anyhoo, from a technical pov this is great, a simple way to run a Linux inside your Windows in a Virtual Machine. Come on guys, it can’t be easier than that. It’s so easy to have a sniff around Linux without any commitment, without putting anything on metal, without any consequences. But please keep in mind they give you Ubuntu, the fukn stock standard Ubu shit. Gnome 3!!! I bet this is all part of MS’s strategic planning, letting you play with the wurstest Linux distro so you won’t like it, and with your typical millenial lack of perspective you’d dismiss Linux as another, better way of computing. :/

What a cunning plan! 😮


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