OrCube :)

Morning Awesomites! 🙂

Was primdoodling again …


A Rubik’s Cube, a mucking Rubik’s Cube. I don’t even know why. :/ Never owned one, never played with one, never wanted to have anything to do with that geekydorky shit. But for the sake of an authentic blog I’ve even read the Wiki so I got the colours right and put them on the correct faces of my OrCube. But now, oj, how to make that thing behave like the real one? So twisty turny-like? Never understood how they do it in RL, now attempting that mechanism in SL? With Orca’s brain? Is that even possible?

Ha! Here, is at least an idea-starter:


You ever noticed the only cube in the cube, the only one we never get to see, the only non-rotating “cube”, if it even is one, is the center one? So I made an artist’s impression of the inner mechanics of the OrCube. Of course it’s a sphere, and all the other cubes are revolving around it like planets around a sun. Or do they?

Oh jeezuz, feeling like Donald Trump now, slowly, very slowly learning things every other human on the planet already knows.

Off to gym I pop, cya bois and gurlz later



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