Orca Failed Linux :(

Hey Awesomites!

I tried. I really did. Downloaded the fukn ISO … twice. Deleted and reformatted my bestest USB stick (or thumb drive as some ppl say) repeatedly. Did the same with the target computer, my good little Gaga, and … nuffink! 😮

WTF is that bish babbling about?

Easy, just another Linux distro I wanted to show you. Not even a special esoteric and exotic peace of software but just a mass-compatible Ubuntu spin-off. Ubuntu ffs!!! No problem, hold my beer and gimme 5 minutes and … see me losing my religion. :/

The distro in question is …

System 76’s home made Pop_OS

System 76, as we all know is a US-based assembler of Linux hardware. They are kinda famous. And lately, since their standard pre-installed Ubuntu isn’t all that good and groovy anymore, they made their own version. And many users, System 76 customers and others, too, have tried Pop out and liked it better than the standard Ubu.

So little Orcsi couldn’t stand aside but had to try it too. As I said, and as you very well know, I’m not like totally stupid when it comes to Linux shit. At least the installation I get mostly right. Particularly of kindergarten OSes like all the Ubuntu-based shit. But not so this time. :/ Everything goes fine; when I put the stick into Gaga and boot the machine it starts with the splash screen and all its options right away. I start the installation, choose my language, decide against encryption and start the whole circus … and wait … and wait … and after thousand years the install still hangs at 10% … and after 500 years more … this:


Haha! Funny. 😦 I’d unleash my potential if you’d just let me. Fukkers.:(

From this screen nothing works anymore. No matter what option I clicker on, Gaga is in full autism mode and the only thing to get her out of that stupor is a forced shutdown. 😮 Geez, Sys76, I thought you wanted to make life easier for your clientéle, innit? Yes, I know not everybody has my problem, I’ve heard about people successfully installing Pop_OS on their hardware. And, as I told you, I was like super duper careful and went totally systematic when the installation failed for the first time. And now, after the thousandth attempt we really have used all possible and impossible options. Still no joy. 😦

All these guys had more luck than your stupid editrix:

Anyhoo, no loss. It’s just another Ubuntu … with a fukn Gnome 3 desktop environment. I’m through with the experiment. All the effort just so I can tell you to not touch that shit? Thx but no thx. :/


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