Achill Island

Don’t let the name fool you: Achill Island is located on the sim Precious Island

Just a wonderpretty and comfy little island to hang out and have some or the other shooting … photo shoot that is.

Perfect place to show off your newest bikini … even if Orca’s is like 1000 years old

From the land description:

Achill Island holds many memories.
Home of Ziggy Duster and Grace Sixpence.
Rolling hills that meet the sea, tranquil music that makes you want to stay a while and relax, open to photographers.
Designed and Landscaped by Minnie Atlass.

There is not too much to see or do on Achill island, this is purely a sim for fashion shot backgrounds

I found this little gem in Kess Crystal’s very very saucy Glamour Sauce blog.

This is how Achill Island looks like when the photog is good and the model is beautiful. Look dat @$$! =^.^= Photo courtesy of Kess Crystal
But it’s so nice and atmospheric with the sim’s own windlight setting, even a bimbo like Orcs can make good photos
The landing point holds some info, a group joiner (for rezzing of props) and a donation thingie where you can donate your last couple L$$$
The main house in background is terra incognita and orb-secured. You’re not allowed to go there. At least Orca received a stern warning to leave … or else. Nothing new for her. :/
This stoney path isn’t really made for barefoot freaks … ow, ow … ouuuuch!
No island without its very own lighthouse. Ever noticed that SL has probably more lighthouses than residents?
My most beloved view goes out to a little isle with a beach bar which was made from freight containers. Very nice and atmospheric 🙂



    • Was not too hard to find it, Kess. You linked to it in your post, remember? And that biki is really old, it’s from times way before sculpties and mesh and all that stuff. Guess 2008-ish or so.


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