Things Get Serious!

Computers are awesome! Stil many people find nothing better to do with them than playing games. In some freaky circles people are even talking about an assumed gamer culture of sorts. 😮 That’s weird and strange and casts a not-too-sympathetic light on the human race altogether.

Apart from that it’s kinda satisfying to know that it took them gamers a whole eternity to get into the GNU/Linux community. For various reasons, a dismissive gaming industry is one, the technologically inept gamer scene another. Now recently Lord Gaben and his Steam company obviously found a new way to play Windows games natively in Linux, a development that will boost the deployment of Linux systems worldwide to whole new heights.

And, as I told you, Gamers are often not particularly tech-savvy and even preferring weakish game consoles over super duper gaming PCs for playing their games. See the now occuring dilemma? Ya, those gamers can’t be expected to be the least little bt creative or clue up about their tools, they just wanna play. So now something happened that Orca, as you well know, finds stupid and superfluous and not particularly helpful at all. Look:

A prefab gaming desktop PC for layz fux with too much money. 😦

Excuse me for not writing down all the tec specs of this machine. You can easily find them in the linked OMG! Ubuntu article. And they don’t matter, as we just assume they will be reasonably powerful enough to play most AA titles of 2018/2019. Ya, let’s just say Slimbook’s Kymera Aqua is a really adorable powerhouse gaming computer … and that’s not what this blogpost is about, is it?

Ya, it’s really about Orca doubting her fellow humans and their tendency to follow with great Hooray! and lots of enthusiasm a path that will only make them even stupiderer and more dependent. Also this ready-made Linux custom system defies all logic. I don’t know, maybe I am underestimating the number of gamers who wanna switch to Linux maybe I underestimated their mindsets. But then again, if someone is interested in getting away from Windows and switching to Linux, shouldnt we assume they aren’t so stupidly wasting money on a pre-assembled  computer they could easily, and much cheaper, assemble themselves?

Secondly, do I, or do we, really want and need a silly buncha gamers in the Linux community? Honestly now! Yes, I know I sound like a fukn arrogant elitist, but please believe me, this is far from the truth. I might believe that most gamers who’re coming in now, are already educated about the ways, the philosophies and politics of Open Source, Free and Shared software, and they like the idea, and the only hurdle holding them back from joining the good side was the lacking game support of Linux. Ok, I give them that. But, and this is basically the same gripe I have towards prefabricated desktop computers, and particularly dedicated Linux computers.

They are useless!

No, not the computers in themselves, as they might be the bestest PCs you’ve ever seen or used; it’s not about that. But as long as they haven’t gotten their BIOS/UEFI disabled and handicapped by the manufacturer (looking particularly at you, Acer) every fukn Tom, Dick or Harry computer should be able to run all sorts of Linux! So let me state it again and again: The world, the Linux community, nobody needs a computer with Linux preinstalled. Well, I can understand it if you’re company purchases thousand Lenovo workstations, they might wanna save the trubbel of installing every single one of them. But we’re talking about single individual users and their individual hardware here.

If I’m grown up enough to have enough money to blow away for a toy, I should be grown up enough, to be able to figger out myself what processor/graphics card/memory combo I wanna have, and in which pretty case to stuff it all. And, for the love of God, I should be able to put my most beloved Linux distro on that wondermachine! If I fail to do so, I wouldn’t harrass the Linux community with my unworthy presence. 😦

Do you find my opinion too extreme? Extremely hostile, extremely unfriendly, unhelpful? I, honestly was a bit shocked about my own radical opinion and the hamfisted way I tried to communicate it. But please let me know in the comment section below this rant.

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