ZZ’s Bikes


The good Foneco Zuzu (ZZ Bottom), among other things, has sent me so many bikes in the last couple years I’ve lost count and oversight. So this morning, just to bridge the gap between wakey wakey and early morning gym, I’ve rezed all ZZ mopeds out that I could find that quickly. Let’s see what we got:

I like my bikes old, but not too old, and of course British. This Ariel is a perfect example of a British gentleman’s bike
The Brough Superior was a beast, and the fastest production bike of its time. Of course this was the correct bike for Lawrence of Arabia to have his mortal crash on.
ZZ named this atypical V2 moped just Isle of Man racer. I like it in its reduced simplicity. Is like a café racer for grown-ups. 😉
A very iconic Parallel Twin beauty was the Norton Commando. Norton, in fierce competition with Triumph and BSA pumped out a lot of interchangeable bikes. All of them great! Considered deadly manly machines in the 60s, nowadays their rather humble power output (around 50-55 HP) makes them chic fashion accesoires for speedy and nostalgic girls.

Ugh. One got away. At least one, but this one is dear and near to my heart. Foneco’s very own interpretation of a BMW café racer. But I’d shown you that at some earlier occasion already:

A German Café Racer, why not? What I like about BMWs is the sound of their flat twin engines. Is somewhat comforting and sounds kinda like a farm vehicle. 😉



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