How Do You Know …

… when an  embargo is lifted?

Talking about an embargo on the media not to open boxes before a certain date/time. And you know it because then, at almost exactly the same time all the eager and dilligent tech YouTubers are releasing their – nearly identical – unboxing videos.

Anyhoo, Nvidia has thrown their new RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti cards onto the unsuspecting market. Although it’s weird how many YTers already knew about problems and the new cards not being up to expectations since at least a week. Doesn’t matter as they are probably too expensive for me anyway. And you know they aren’t GTX anymore but RTX … which is extra special shit or sumfink. But anyway, now you know. Now you know as much as Orcsibaby knows. And now you can go out and purchase those fancy graphics cards.

But if you really must watch the propaganda vids, here they are:

Kyle …

Jay …

… and from Britland, Tiny Tom Logan …

… and Kyle’s best pal Paul

… and your Second Life will never look the same!



    • Nope, only seen some boxes with graphic cards in them. And I don’t understand your total bullshit comment, do you think there is no embargo? Or the new Nvidia chips are bull? Or what?

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  1. Oh, I just meant that people have been making videos claiming that they bought stuff from the dark web not knowing what it was, and then they open the boxes and they have a bunch of “creepy” things in them, like bloody knives. I’ve never seen that kind of thing for sale, myself.

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