\o/ Whooohoo! \o/

After at least half a year of hopelessly browsing and searching around for a new cap for the gas tank, today I grabbed for the last straw. Following a hint I received at the last Sunday meeting of the Early Ford Cars Club, I made my way to a twilighty part of town, to a (s)crappy (legacy) parts store where I stumbled over a pair of very old geezers …


… and millions of old and new scrapyard parts. Don’t let the photo fool you, it only shows the small, pretty well maintained and clean, storefront. Yes. :/ Behind that are some rooms/halls with shelves, filled to the brim with shit. Do the geezers have a computer or sumfink to keep track of that treasure chest? Nope, I don’t think they’d even know how to switch such a thing on. It’s all in their heads, ya know?


And as soon as I told one of the geezers that I needed a tank cap for a Ford Transit Mk.1 he didn’t even needed a minute to make one appear right in front of my salty eyes! What a lifesaver, what a legend! Chromed and with two keys! For the mighty sum of ZAR 150, which isn’t even like 10 €uros!!! 🙂 And it’s shiny as shit. So kool! Although, for this cap to fit in my colouring scheme it should be painted black as well as all the other metal parts on the outside.

But even if it was a rusty old crapshit piece it’d still be better than the oily rug I was cramming into the hole until this very morning. I’m so relieved right now.

On my other mission, finding a captain’s chair, they were less successful. I mean, yeah they had some fancy stuff, leather covered bucket seats n shit, but Oubaas ain’t a ralley racer, is he? Me’s looking for something more comfy to lounge in while driving. But I’ve got a hint on such a place as well. Will go there tomorrow. =^.^=


But what I found on the way back home was this interesting store. Unfortunately is Metalheads not a record store or a recording studio nor has it anything to do with music at all. 😮 They are sellling boring af metal products. :/


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