And Yet One More Mini PC

Yeah, looks exactly like dozens of others, Intel NUC “inspired” small form factor computers, and probably comes with similar specs. Only difference is that the Tuxedo Nano V8  is “made” in Germany and comes with Windows as well as various Linux distros, should you wish so. No mistake, Tuxedo’s shit has a good reputation for preinstalled Linux hardware. In other words, everything works! What a friggin’ wonder. Oh, and I don’t think ordering any Tuxedo product from another country, at least from a non-European country, makes any financial sense.

More NUC clones. \o/ Hooray! \o/

Guys, you can find outfits just like Tuxedo in pretty much every country around the globe, if it has a big enough customer base for Linux products. But for my German readers I guess it’s save to say you can’t go wrong with a Tuxedo laptop or desktop computer.

Otoh are you really too stupid to install your own Linux of your own choice?

498 € is reasonable I guess


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