Ugh Man :/

Still 12 days to go …


… and then probably a week longer before one can go there without too much lag. Ugh man, that’s so unfair. 😦 Look people, I don’t want much, I don’t expect much. I’m just humbly wishing for some cool short crops and punkish hairs in a smurfy blue. And I want them NAO!!! Is that asked too much?

Can you believe we found hair like this super chic back in the day before sculpties and mesh? Not necessarily the jetfighter shortness and the bluesety of it but the oldstyle primbuilds? And that was wayyyy wayyy wayy before blue made an appearance in the RL street fashion scene. Can you believe that old granny Orcs once was a stylish fashion icon?


Right, she never was but she always had her own style … and probably more wigs than any other bish in SL.


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