I See Colours :)

And no, I’m not on drugs, quite the contrary. Rarely ever was my vision cleaner, never ever could I see Oubaas’ future outfit more clearly. Look this:

No, that’s not Oubaas!

This is, as you all know, just a silly – but stylish – little Fiat 500. In its even sillierer Spiaggina beach bikini outfit. Yes, I gotta admit, there are worlds dividing this youthful italian hippie mobile from the old warhorse, the utilitarian Ford Transit, the van of plumbers and electricians, robbers and police all over the world. There lies a world of distinction between chic Italian ice cafés and muddy London construction sites.

But still, can’t you imagine Oubaas in this outfit of Bianco Perla (for the roof, radiator grille, lights and windows section) and Azzurro Volare (on lower body)? I mean Pininfarina choose these colours especially for the nostalgic 60s look and feel, so why not use them on a original 60s van?

A little bit like so:

And, hej, there are in fact some more attributes that connect Ford to Fiat, as the Fiat 500 model is nothing but a redressed Ford Ka. Hah!


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