Hey you!

You’re running out of excuses. Not slowly but rapidly. This is the end to the old excuse “Yeah, I’d love to run Linux … but my gaaames!!! :(“. Read this, and then see that you get Linux installed on all your hardware. Yes, even on your most fancy gaming system!

Thank you Lord Gaben!

Steam hasn’t lost any relevance, they are always trying to make their catalogue available for Linux gamers as well as Windows users. This time by using a special version of WINE, which lets you play Windows games natively on your Linux hardware.

With proton, more Windows games are available for Linux on Steam

What does that actually mean for us Linux users? In short, it means that Linux computers can now play all 27,000 of those games without needing to configure something like PlayOnLinux or Lutris to do so! Which, let me tell you, can be quite the headache at times.

Happy now?

As always, please share your experiences and screenshots of your fave Win games running on Linux and maybe you can write a few words about how easy/sick/sad/complex it was. That would be swell.





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