That’s Cute, UK ;)


World Leaders according to the twat May

SinkingUKDunno about you but I find it kinda cute when the shrinking western world still proudly proclaims to lead the world. Maybe they all should have a look at the world map (RL not SL) and see where the most people live and where the most power and money is. I’d say the world doesn’t need neither the UK, or the USA nor the EU. Quite the contrary. Western “World Leaders” should count themselves lucky when and if they receive an invitation into one of the new hot and fashionable “clubs”, like BRICS and other economic groups and forums most of us haven’t even heard of yet. Look at SE Asia and see the future!


And still “World Leader” Merkel has 10 times the power and influence of Theresa May, so shut up, British Hurrah press!


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