Manjaro vs Linux Mint


Yesterday you’ve read my opinion about the top 20 Linux distros, didn’t you? And you noticed that I thought that particularly the #1 and #2 should switch places. As much as I personally love and prefer Manjaro and Arch-based distros over Mint’s Ubuntu base, I guess that Mint is the overall better, easier and more mass-compatible operating system of the two.  And, what a coincidence, now, not even an hour ago our old friend Matt Hartley made a video about exactly that same topic.

Watch this:

I know some or at least one of you are using Mint and are happy with it … and why wouldn’t you? Mint is afterall a happy-making operating system for everybody. Manjaro is more geeky and problematic, and although not really complicated it’s just one notch farther out, more distant from total newness. 😉 Yeah, let’s put it like that.

Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know that your editreuse wasn’t the only person wondering how come that a freakshow like Manjaro, of all the distros, could push Mint of its well-deserved place on the throne.


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