It’s Time Again

… to inspect the DistroWatch charts, as I do every so often, and share my thoughts about what I see there:

International Top Hitz!

Okay, let’s go from the bottom (hi ZZ!) up. Well, not really the bottom but let’s start at #20 as everything below that is inconsequential.

PCLinux is a warhorse in the Linux community. Never tried it, can’t say anything about it (makes note for future experimentation). :/

KDE neon for me is a double riddle because I don’t know the first thing about KDE and can’t understand why people feel compelled to fork that most complex desktop ever. Maybe Plasma 5 isn’t as good as earlier KDE versions? :/

Lite is another one if those slow-burners. I kinda like this Ubuntu fork, particularly made for n00bs and non-tek-savvy grandmas. Friend of ours has set up his elderly mom with Lite and since then reduced the emergency call-outs drastically. Seems to work as intended. 😉

antiX is one of the many many Debian-based distros, this one on Xfce I guess, which make the bishie Debian enjoyable. 🙂

TrueOS? WTF is this shit? 😦

Kali, on #15, is based on Ubuntu. But don’t mistake it for playing in the same league as Mint or similar distros. It is NOT a system for your everyday Linuxing. It’s something to do with spyware and antispyware and encryption and such geeky shite. 😦

ReactOS, far as I know, is another one of those Linuxes that are ashamed to be Linux and try to trick the users into thinking they were kinda special or so. 😦

Antergos, as Manjaro’s lesser known competitor, answers questions nobody’s asked. But it’s mostly good. 😉

CentOS: Welcome to geek central. This is the environment in which fat, middle-aged neckbeards do prosper. Stay away if you love your sanity. 😮

Arch: Adorable basis of Manjaro, Antergos, Orca’s Namib, and countless other forks and spin-offs ain’t really made to be used as is. We’re trespassing into serious geek territory (see CentOS) here. :/

Zorin: No! Just no. How that still-born distro could ever end up as high as #10 is beyond me. 😦

openSUSE is the grandma or grandpa of all KDE systems, and a bonafide stone age Linux anyway. This initially German-made operating system is probably the first Linux desktop, even older than Gnome. Still going strong today! 🙂

Fedora, as RedHat’s non-commercial fork is often misused as crash test dummy for RHEL and always gets the newest and latest packages. It has its fans and nobody knows why exactly. :/

Solus is still doing ok-ish after the initial splash. A totally independant system may have its admirable points … but also some weaknesses I’m not willing to accept. :/

Debian, like vanilla Arch, is the giant’s shoulder on which many great distros are standing comfortably. In itself it’s rather crappy I guess. Installation alone has delivered many volunteering users straight to the asylum. 😮

MX Linux: As antiX’s sister distro, is one of those adorable must-have operating systems which turned the unusable, super bitchy Debian base into something comfortable and easy to use, yet super stable, and deservedly came in on #5. Cool. 🙂

Ubuntu for whatever reasons still clocks in on #4 but trending downwards. Not much empathy from your editreuse. Mark Shuttleworth and his Canonical firm have brought this upon themselves. Now they reap the harvest of wibbly wobbly decisions and always going the wrong route. :/

Elementary: I fukn hate it! Nuf sed! 😦

Mint: Now we enter the arena of  the duelling top dogs and I must state here, even as a former Manjaro freak, and still on a Manjaro-ish Arch distro, Mint should be on #1 spot. It belongs there!!! And nobody else. 🙂

Manjaro is the quintessential Arch-made-easy distro. Manjaro was and still is the pioneer in that field! And I can see why it has gained the favour of the masses. In so far it deserves to occupy the #1 spot. But Arch in itself is still a bit too wonky to play in that field. It really isn’t totally n00b-friendly and free of problems, and not as comfortable as Mint. Of course it has a lot of merits, prolly even more so than Ubuntu and Mint, by bringing Linux to the masses. But it’s not 100% there, yet! 🙂 :/

What I’d like to see, like really really wish for in the long run, would be for Clem and his Minty guys taking pure vanilla Arch or Manjaro, Antergos, Namib and sprinkle their special sauce over it. The result would be a Linux distro that just oozes fairy dust. And that’s what we all want, ain’t it?

Now go forth and install Minty, if you haven’t done so in the last couple monthes and years, and be happy with it and herald the merry message. 🙂


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