We Gotz Fiberz!

Now all we need is a new ISP and then …

… the future smiles upon us! =^.^=

Did you notice how thin one fibre “cable” is? Not even as thick as a human hair. And we got two of those into the house. One for interwebz and one for DStv television. Pfff … I’d thought we’d get a whole bundle of those thingies, but no! Technology is awesome, right?

What else I figured out: That orange box is a fibre splicing machine, and our rather thin fibre splits off the main strand inside that manhole in the ground and from there goes in plastic canals along our outer wall and from there through the wall to terminate into the connection box underneath my office desk. Four guys worked approximately one hour at our connection. That’s all a bit more complex than the simple telephone tech of ADSL copperwires … but will hopefully never ever break.

Now all we need is the ISP to send us the router and make us go live!

PS: Yes, I know, and the sweater is already in the wash basket by now and will be in the next load of woolens. 😉 It was a fried eggs accident btw. 😮


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