Oooopsy! :o

This is a hard drive. Our hard drive.


Excuse the dusty appearance. It was the internal hard drive of a former main computer of mine, a lame old WD Green, 1 GB, 5400 RPM shitty thing, and hasn’t been taken out of the shelf in years. And the maid is strictly forbidden to touch our techy shit since … but that’s another story for another day. Anyway, you can’t do much worse in file storing. Anyhoo, nowadays we keep it in a cheapo external case and use it as storage for our quite extended movie and TV series collection. All the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but also really good movies, are on it. Or better said, used to be on it. :/

They are no more! 😮

What’s now on it is the ISO file of a pretty crappy Linux distro, namely Nitrux. But that’s not important right now. What is important is another cautionary tale and a stern warning to everybody creating bootable USB sticks for installing operating systems on your computer hardware: BE FUKN CAREFUL and KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING and CHECK EVERY LITTLE DETAIL! FFS!!!

As it so happened today, your editeuse neglected all good hints, and threw caution to the wind and didn’t check on which medium she wrote the Nutrix ISO file. So in a matter of seconds three-and-a-half million audiovisual media files totally went like p00f! and Orca and hubby went first like 😮 when they found out, and a bit later like 😦 and then Orca went like 😉 again since now she had the material for yet another blogstory in which she could show off her totally inept housewifely computer non-skills.

And all the trubbelz just because hubby wanted to check out Nitrux Linux, since it’s a KDE-based distro, in which he’d put some hope. Watching his face becoming longer and longer, and reminding me of a horse, while testriding the distro also tells me all the carnage was done for no good reason. In best hubby manner he refused to make some screenshots and didn’t even give me his verdict about Nitrux. So I guess Thar She Blows! will remain a KDE-free zone.:/



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