Tom Ain’t Happy :o

And that’s a good thing. No, wait, I don’t wish Tom any harm but he ain’t being happy with Deepin Linux, means I wasn’t so far off when I dismissed it. See?

Deepin logo.svgAnd if you always paid attention to Orca’s various Linux antics you might remember she wasn’t too happy with Deepin neither. And that even though she only tried the Deepin desktop but based on Manjaro. And it was bad enuff for her to abandon the shit after a couple minutes.

Now Tom has a way higher BS tolerance level than Orca ever had, so he gives a really balanced and fair assesment … but he doesn’t like Deepin neither. And let’s not forget that Tom is a professional, not a Linux first-timer. you, dear readers, you stay away from that shit, ok? Or install it; what do I care? But don’t come cryin’ to me, capisce?


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