Stressed Out! :(

Naaaw, I’m not. πŸ™‚ As a quasi semi-retired unemployed housewife and caretaker I’m a rather spoiled brat who’s already stressed by getting up almost each and every morning and driving to the gym … and having to work out there. That’s a really cruel fate and asked a bit much of me. Dunno how long I can go on like this. :/ LOL

But you see under those circumstances I just cannot do much in and around my small Second Life headquarters now. At least I acquired a TP device … and installed it right away.


Now, due to the magic of SL, visitors to the onsen don’t have to fly or climb up but can TP directly from the garage level into the onsen. Great eh?

Oh, and for super duper comfyness I added a little video about how vehicle users and sailors can get into the building and how to use the TP up to the onsen.

This ain’t just an award-worthy video by your professional movie critic but I hope it’s also really, like, helpful n stuffz …




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