Almost Done Now. :)

I guess after the long odyssey Oubaas and I’ve been thru – even though not nearly as long as the 3-years living in the shit with Turdy – I guess we’re almost ready to get the good old van roadworthy and registered. What, you didn’t know I’m driving that thing as my daily rider, without any valid paperwork and long run-out licence? Oh well, sad but true. But hey, this is Suff Effrica where nobody cares about such petty shit. As long as I don’t get involved in a serious crash-o-rama, not even the police seems to care.

Oubaas like 3 hours ago, in front of the gym

And, to be completely honest, we’ll have to cheat a little with the roadworthy test as well. It’s all possible in this land of freedum n shit. But much more important is that there are only some small stuffz to sort out; nothing big, nothing that keeps Oubaas grounded. Only need to find a nice driver’s seat, captain’s chair style, new mirrors and finally something for better cold start in the mornings. Oh, and Oubaas is in serious need of a new tank filler cap.

No love lost between Turdy and me

And then, when we have all the official paperwork and stamps and stickers and are, like, totally legal, we can bring him to the panelbeater for a thorough de-rusting and a nice paintjob. Thinking about white on top and a nice ocean blue around the waist and lower half. Sumfink beachy and fresh, ice-cream van style.

Somehow like this … a bit darker blue…

… because that red has to go! No?



    • Oh Lez. You know I love you and will rape you hard if our paths ever meet again n all that. :)Your chance on 30th September at pool party @ Orca’s 😉
      Also I’m a huge fan of the colour red. Is best colour in the world, ever! Period. Buuuut not on cars! And not for 99.9% of reds. It must be just the right one, a bright, shiny, almost orange red with some live in it. And the red of Oubaas doesn’t qualify. It died years and years ago, is dull, unhappy zombie red. So fukn car has to be resprayed anyway. And why not with something more light and summery, and heat-reflecting? So upper half must be some white, that’s clear. Not just the roof, like is nao, but the sides as well, down to the center stripe. And mixing that with red … fukn van would look like serious fire engine, not like fun mobile in which sexy bikini girls drive to beach safari.
      But I was doing some thinkering about maybe making (thin) red stripe around the waist, and only start blue below that. Anyway, we won’t apply paint ourselves but give job to good panelbeater, so getting rid of red paint on hardware (door handles. locks, hinges, mirrors, bumpers, radiator grille and whatever) will be done by experts with sandblaster. So not our fukn prob. 😉 Will prolly all get just coat of good old matte or satin finish friendly spring fresh black like we have already at the rims. So no fingerprint magnet. 😉
      Gonna be fukn friendly van, like fukn friendly owner/driver. Maybe we rename grumpy old Oubaas, then give him sex change and he can live out his life as Vangelina or Vanessa. 🙂
      \o/ Grrlpowah!!! \o/

      BTW, just found out Oubaas started his life as blue van anyway, so he no natural redskin.


    • Needs panelbeater/painter with good spraygun and some sensitivity in their fingers, that’s right. And a good base layer. Yeah, inside house we, respectively I, can do it ourselves. But here in SA labour is cheap so it won’t make any sense to do it. Rather have some helpers. They can also schlepp the heavy paint buckets from van into house, get dirty fingahz and handle the ladder n shit while madam gets fit and has vegan breakfast at the gym. 😉

      Oh, and about Oubaas, did I say he started his life as a blue van? Today when mounting new rearview mirrors we found a layer of silver metallic underneath the red. But when I got it first the doors were blue on the inside. Well, that good vehicle is over 50 years old and most likely was carrying many coats in its lifetime.


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