The Perfect SL Machine

… would be a self-assembled PC.

Yes, of course. We wanna have good gaming components we can’t get from the big manufactures with their no-name, cheapo, OEM, or manufacturer-specific, proprietary solutions. Yeah, right. Unfortunately though, not everyone is up for scouting the market, getting informed and clued up and ordering all the parts … and putting them together. Many of you just wanna open a box, plugging their new PC in the wallplug and router … and Let The Games Begin! Not to worry, if you’re one of those people, you can be helped too. A number of smaller suppliers assemble gaming computers from good brand parts and sell them fully assembled. And often cheaper than what you’d pay if you attempted to do it yourself.

I just found another shiny example of those machines! Here, have a peek:

No, it’s not the totally self-assembled quality. The case is awesome, the components are lacking a little. But they’ll do. And the best is, the Legion C530 doesn’t come out of your neighbourhood’s small time computer workshop but is made by Chinese giant Lenovo! So you will get it pretty much everywhere! And it looks quite nifty, no?


The C530 and its more powerfullerer and pricier sister C730 are pretty good bang for the buck. And maybe the end to all your problems. They aren’t Macs so you can upgrade them without any probs. They come with some different pre-configs anyway. Aaaaaand, let’s not forget of course Lenovo lets you install Linux  on these cool machines. That’s the most important, is it not?


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