My Fetish: Very Tiny Computers

Today the Beelink models X45 and X55, as previewed by on YouTube:

Okay, I gotta admit, we’ve seen similar PCs quite often on this bloggo, didn’t we? And better ones at that. More creative cases, more powerfullerer performers. But … ugh, you know why I am showing you these things. Because I care about you and don’t wanna see you running headlong into trubbels, and may they be totally unlikely and improbable … when testing your first Linux distro.

BeelinkAll those mini PCs are kinda cheap, still brand new, fully warranted and you can get from suppliers in the States and really developed countries. So you don’t have to deal with some twilighty characters on eBay or in Shenzhen. And Beelink is indeed one of the more talked about, more famous brands out there. You can just order them  directly from BestGear or BangGood.

beelinkCome on, think about it: A nifty little computer for the price of a nice night out. And even if you totally fail on Linux, these things will serve you for the rest of your sad life as media centers, home servers, home automation systems and as what computers once were intended to do, as office machines. But I want you to do your first little baby steps in Linux on them. And I want you to succeed, and send me, quasi as your Final Thesis, a picture of your avi in world SL on your personal Linux distro. 🙂

Like so:

Not a photo directly out of SL but a screenshot of my Linux system, running SL.

What fun. =^.^=


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