Matt Hartley Talks

… for like 25 minutes about Linux Mint 19.

MattHartleyNot LMDE. Just the normal Mint, the Mint pretty much everybody and their granny knows and loves. And I’m not even lying. If my granny was stil alive and needed a computer I’d set her up on Linux Mint. Because Windows is just too friggin complex and error-prone and resource hungry and needs a lot of TLC and hardware ooomph. Ok, I digress again. Sorry for that. Maybe I’m getting old and flakey and can’t stay focused for long anymore.

Anyhoo, Matt Hartley and his late review of Mint19. Dunno if I’d recommend it for everyone to watch it. He’s a geek, trying to talk to Linux n00bs but flies right above their heads. For those among you already a couple weeks on Linux, maybe on an older version or on some *buntu or Debian or other system, and thinking about upgrading/switching, YES, go watch it.

Too much Minty content in Orcsi’s little bloggo? Hmmm, maybe. But probably not. Let’s not forget Mint is #2 in the DistroWatch charts and just came out with version 19 and another of those legendary LMDE (Debian) editions. This is one of the biggest deals in the Linux community, so the hullabaloo is great right now.

Numero Uno is Manjaro, which had Mint pushed off the throne a while ago. And, for me as Arch fangurl, that’s great and righteous and everything. But again, let’s not forget that Manjaro is actually a lot more freaky and geeky and doesn’t even come close to Mint’s mass appeal and user-friendlyness. Remember my granny? I wouldn’t set her up with a Manjaro powered system. No sir!

Ok, now back to more SL-centered content …


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