LMDE3 Again

Tom obviously noticed that he was talking about the Beta version in his last video. πŸ™‚ But anyhoo, now he nmade a very comprehensive (almost half an hour long) one about the final release version and he and his kitty both agree on its awesomeness. πŸ˜‰

Yes, of course, Cindy rocks! If you must install the Debian version or the original point version Mint 19 is a decision only you can take. I’d say if youre like a totally blind n00b you should gravitate towards the Ubuntu-based Mint 19. Particularly if you prefer Mate or Xfce desktops.

Only one thing is certain. And let me stresss that point again, again and yet again: You MUST get used to Linux! Sooner or later you too, yes, even you, will reach the final breaking point when you just can’t take anymore of Microsoft’s shenanigans and hostile actions. So better do the switch now, that you still have time and peace to get used to the new worldΒ  before history will just roll over you and bury you in a heap of shambles.


And, hey, when you’re just busy doing the big switcheroo, I guess Linux Mint ain’t the worst starting point; quite contrary, it is the bestest! So, off you hop to the Minty website, grab your copy of the ISO file, grab some old-ish PC and put that shit on it!

See you in 10 minutes when you’re back on your brand new Linux system! πŸ™‚

No, see you in a couple hours. Auntie Orcsi must hop and scoot as well, off to the gym for some early morning yoga and water gymnastics. Laterz sweeties …




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