Hamara Sugam 2.1 For Realsies Now!!!

Smells like Second Life spirit?

Namaste, friends of fine Linux distros, today finally a short review of Hamara Sugam 2.1, the unlucky Indian (not native American) Linux distro that refused so boldly to get installed on my western computer. Well, today the installation went like a dream … and the rest wasn’t bad either.

Looksee here:

Good news right from the beginning: I don’t know how installation is handled in Ubuntu proper …
… but Hamara seems to use a very easy to operate installer that was obviously inspired by Mint and some Arch Linuxes. Kudos for that! As you could see I was using the English installer, even the US English to make it easier for my mostly un-Germanic readers.
Since I’m a radical I didn’t install Hamara side by side with Manjaro as a dual boot setup but cleaned the hard drive to make everything as authentic as possible.
After installation the next positive thing – in my eyes – is the welcome screen. No big hullaballoo and Welcome n00bs and all the shitty new users crap. Hamara is pretty sparsely equipped with any additional goodness and gimmickry. It really is nothing but a basic Ubuntu with a straightforward Mate desktop, as it comes fresh from the Mate project.
The adorability doesn’t end there: This menu looks a lot like borrowed from Mint Linux. And that is adorable and perfect!
After just a couple minutes of playing the desktop looks like a typical Orca desktop with small icons and only one panel … on the bottom.
Showing you that all the normal programs are working is below yours and mine dignity. Of course does everything work. Let’s rather see if we get SL running … \o/ YAY! \o/

HamaraLinuxLogoCONCLUSION: Hamara Linux is The Shit! It’s really adorable in its modesty and light weight appearance. Of course it stands on the shoulder of giants, but which Linux distro in the year 2018 doesn’t? This is again one of those distros, out of the left field and planned for a totally different usage scenario, but it works fantastically for Linux n00bs. For the not-blind sort of Linux n00bs. It’s easy enough, due to its Mate desktop, to be super easy to grasp and work with. If you have experience with Windows and Mac computers, and keep in mind Hamara is neither nor, you shouldn’t have any problems getting homely in this system in a couple days time. As always in Linux it’s not about learning new skills but forgetting old ones! πŸ™‚

Would Orca recommend Hamara? Yes, yes! Would I use it? Nope. Not a fan of Ubuntu here, neither of its corporate owner, Canonical. It seems like Hamara runs a bit faster and more spunky than Mint/Mate, at least on the old MiniMe machine but on my main machine it shouldn’t make any difference. Also I’m a fan of all the Minty goodness, their ideas and user-friendly mindset. If you really wanna stick to basic Ubuntu there’s also Ubuntu Mate but that one I don’t like too much. It’s like a totally over engineered kindergarten and all about the n00bs, as if you were a bunch of brain damaged toddlers. :/

So, what does Orca really say? Ahem, so if I was forced on gunpoint to use a pure Ubuntu, something as close to the original as possible – but without fukn Gnome3 – I’d go with Hamara Sugam in a heartbeat. For me it has everything I wished for.


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