A New Subscriber

Heck, as if that’s so special. You and over 150 other people are already religiously following my stupid little bloggo, in which a certain Orca bashes Americans and SL avies and bad Linux distros and bad movies and bad people and everything she hates. And she hates a lot of stuff. Anyhoo, I digress. Reason for mentioning my latest stalker, Jay, is that he’s, although not an SL resident far as I know, also a very prolific blogger and movie critic.

Friends, what Jay delivers plays 2 or even 5 or 12 leagues over Orca’s hapless movie babble. This is a blog I can wholeheartedly recommend:

That’s some quality movie criticism!

–> Of course –> you can find –> the AWM blog –> over here –> in the sidebar –> as 4th from the top –>


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