Really Good News!

Almost as exciting as Hair Fair 2018. 😉

Seems time is runing out for ISIS and other US-created “moderate” terror groups. And hopefully they take the infamous fake news “White Helmets” down with them. Oh, I’m sure they will since they are majorly the same fuckers. 😮




    • Mhm, yeah. Slowly it starts hurting being a living organism on this planet, dontcha think? Every day more atrocities good people have to fend off, every day new meaniepoofaces showing up to ruin our lifes. One can’t help but getting dizzy and very very frustrated and irritated. I’m kinda developing sympathies for terrorists of all sorts. At some point in time some of us just snap and then the next 9/11’s gonna happen and …
      But I agree with the analysts: 7/11 was a part time job. 🙂


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