Hamara Sugam 2.1 Linux

Pheeew, yesterday I just had to try it again … and Whooopdeedoo! Hamara’s download server worked and I was able to actually download the Hamara ISO file. Cool, kinda. So I can at least have a  look at it and see what’s what, and maybe … just maybe find out it’s not as bad as I suppose it is. After the surprisingly cool Gecko Linux I’m going a bit softer on all those supposedly inferior distributions. So let’s see how Ubuntu fork Hamara works out for me …

Kræsh! Bøøm! B@ng!

Turns out it doesn’t work. Not at all. My super stable “MiniMe” Lenovo, a machine that can really take any form of abuse and misuse, crashes the installation … before it even begins. Can’t temporarily install Thunderbird to send my screenshots over to MiniMax, my blogmachine. MiniMe doesn’t even recognize a random USB stick I wanna use to safe the screenshots on. The whole thing is virtually dead. 😦

Come on now, Hamara devs, it can’t be such a problem to deliver a stable Ubuntu fork in 2018. At least have it perform the installation. Were you guys busy burning widows or watching silly Bollywood flicks, and forgot to test your fukn distro?

Nevertheless, you know stuntgirl Orca doesn’t throw in the towel that fast. For now I’m too pissed off to try it immediately but I will try again … tomorrow. 😉

But since we’re just sitting here, so cosily huddled together around the campfire, I’ve gotta ask you a kwestjohn: Did any of you, dear readers, install Linux? Really, I wanna know. Did anybody here readered all my Linux shit and really tried it yet? At least tried to install a Linux distro. Even unsucessfully, like I did just now? No? Am I shouting into empty rooms?

Both machines cost the equivalent of a nice meal for two persons or an averagely talented hooker for one. Asking me, I’d know what I’d spend my dough on. Oh, already did. 😉

I mean, yes, Trap is partly on Linux, and Jackie is on Linux as well but they don’t really count: One is a software engineer and needs that shit professionally, the other an underperforming tech blogerista. But hey, what about the rest of you once hopefulls? Y’all should by now at least know that there’s nothing to fear, nothing to lose, but lots to gain. I consider everybody installing a humble little Linux on their humble little computers a win/win situation. Even if you just installed it as a dual boot solution but spend 99% of your komputing time on Windows again, I consider that a great success. At least you dared. You stuck your noggin out of your tortoise shell and you gained important info or at least learned an important life lesson. 🙂 You are now wise beyond your years and a better, more mature, more valuable person. =^.^=

Please let us know about your experience. How did you fare, how did you fail, why didn’t you succeed? Or did you? Are you super cool now, feeling like totally smug? Good for you but please let your less enlightened brossas and sissas in on your successs story!



  1. I’m not there watching you and your babies spit Hamara out, but my GF has gone through several Linux distros, so I recognize (from her explanations) the symptom of “crap driver syndrome”. Don’t know what to tell you from there, if you’re being stymied, I sure don’t have answers. Good luck, hope someone in Hyderabad has a house full of Lenovos humming happily on Hamara and can help you out.

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    • Tee hee. 🙂
      Firstly congratz on a GF on Linux. She must be an awesome human being, a bonafide GODDESS!!!
      Question remains tho: Why aren’t you on Linux yet??? Come on, you know it’s just a question of time, it’s inevitable. If MS goes on like this consequences have to be taken! You know that as well as me and your personal Linux Goddess. Use her as your guruine, and I will promise you that nothing bad shall happen.

      I have no idea what a crap driver syndrome is. Only additional driver I usally need is Nvidia, and that almost never gives me any problems. In fact it’s so much easier and faster to install than in Windblows. No need to viist Nvidia’s site and search and download the driver from there. As an Arch Linux user I don’t even invoke a graphical solution but just start the terminal and type in one single command.

      Problem with Lenovo is that my test machines are Lennies too, and as I said they both swallow everything I throw at them. Pure brilliance on their part. Oh, did I say problem? No, they’re all sorts of brilliant.

      Well, I shall try to install Hamasutra again. Later, after I’m back from the gym …


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