Noticed My Latest Tagline?

Sounds like  a very simple and logical thing, right? Almost to primitive of a thought to be mentioned. And still, when you think about it, it means more than just the simple physical truth. In fact this sentence implies the hard fact that you can’t ecscape from yourself. And that, ladies and boys, is unbelievably hard and complicated for many people. Because, as every self-reflecting person on the planet should know, there is no harsher critic, no fiercer enemy, no more demanding coach than you, yourself.

No, I didn’t read the book. Seems way too boring

That’s why many peple can’t deal with loneliness, solitude, ermitage or whatever you may call it. The fact of being alone is unbearable for most social butterflies. Some psychodoctors even made assumptions that introverts have a higher intelligence level than group or partner oriented people. I find that a bit harsh, yet the fact remains. Some of us strive when on their own, others go kaputt.


You can escape a lot of things, you can try and find paradise on some tropical island. But wherever you go you’ve gotta live with yourself. You’ll see things from your perspective, think your own ugly thoughts. Can’t help it. Maybe we all should stop sometimes and have a good thorough look at ourselves. No, not the flabby arms and belly, the baldness, your stubby carcass, but how do you look to others. They don’t give a fuk about your body, they only see if you are friendly and have that special shine in your eyes, the engaging thoughts. Do you find yourself attractive … or could you at least live with yourself?

But where exactly is here?

I like to be alone. That doesn’t mean I can’t be the life of the party if I have to, or that I can’t do teamwork. But good results, the best of Orca, you only get when you leave me the fuck alone. To do so you gotta be able to live with yourself, to accept yourself with your few strong points and your many many weaknesses. I can do that. I know I’m lazy, impatient, unfriendly, harsh, I give up much too quickly, I can’t do math and science for shit … and worst of all, I hate coffee. Nevertheless I accept myself with all the weaknesses. And try to make the best of the little remaining rest.

Could you stand that moment all by yourself? … apart from the photographer that is. 😉

So wherever I go, wherever I try to escape, I’ll always meet myself there. And that’s not too bad as I can be pretty good company and not as boring to myself as many people think I am. Or maybe I am. Pfft. As long as I’m kinda content with life in my own company, all is cool.

This is true happiness


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  1. Actually, I remember “Wherever you go, there you are” as what the hero of the 1984 science fiction comedy “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” said to the heroine Penny Priddy, right before she tried to shoot herself.

    If that’s the 10th anniversary edition of the book, then Jon Karat-Zinn stole the title of the book from one of the funniest movies ever made.

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