Lucy, What’s He Saying?

Here, I assume this particular Linux distro reviewer is not very happy with LMDE3.

Is that correct? Because, for the first time ever, I’m not a fan of any Linux Mint edition. I always used to be a fangirl of the usually so ubernifty Minty goodness. particularly of the Debian Edition. But #3 stayed below my expectations. Such a shame. :/

That shouldn’t hold anybody back from installing and enjoying Mint 19’s point releases.

This screenshot speaks volumes. 😮 if Diolinux is indeed as disappointed as I was, it at least tells me that I wasn’t completely wrong. So, Lucy, pleeeze, pretty plees, let me know how Diomio liked/disliked the LMDE3 distro. I mean, the thumbnail already tells us a bit about how he disliked it. :/

Funny how advantages and disadventages translate so easily into many languages but I do wonder why drivers are called drivers in Portuguese as well. I would’ve thought they’d be called conductores or so. 🙂


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