It’s No Wonder

… that Orca doesn’t get anything done inworld SL. It’s her stupid RL puppateer to blame for her underperformance. Grrr and all, yes, I know. What a bish. 😦 But come on now, RL Orca sometimes needs her alone time as well, so today, after gym she drove to China Town for another haul of our beloved coated peanuts …

6-pack of Coconut Cream and Shrimp flavoured Peanuts … and a fukn fake GoPro wannabe Action Cam! 🙂 \o/ YAY! \o/

Whoa, that thing is supposed to be waterproof down to 30 meters, shoots in 4k, has WiFi, a remote and comes with more geeky spareparts, housings and fasteners than you can shake a stick at. And all that for R699,- / €41,- including half a year warrantee. As we all know from those Chinashit products it’s gonna break in month 7 or shortly thereafter. :/ But up to then I intend to shoot some exciting driving videos. My various tries with my good Canon didn’t turn out too well, because that cam just didn’t stay in place but was sliding along the dashboard all the time. And putting up a tripod and setting nice perspectives is just too complicated. Let’s see how we fare with the no-brand Chinese Sports Cam.

So much shit for so little money …

And then: Today’s kinda neighbourhood BBQ party and – much more important – the two fibre companies plus a bunch ISPs have their info stands erected. Cool.

After seeing those signs …
… and hundreds of eager moles digging trenches since months already …
… today was the day to talk to some reps and get informed. Kindasorta. 🙂

We’ve decided to go with 20/20 uncapped and as it turns out all the ISPs are in the same ballpark with their prices. Connection/Installation + router is free, contract is month to month, so we can decide to go with another ISP whenever we fukn fancy. And it’s not much more expensive than DSL. And it can only become cheaper. I guess as soon as the rollout investments are payed up the real price wars will start.

The future’s looking bright. 🙂


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