Starting to Prepare

Ohayo Friendlies 🙂

Today I dared to invite Kittensusie and her LCC Sunday cruise crew over for a pool party at the OrcaOnsen. She gave me two alternative dates, Sep 30th and Oct 7th. So my plan is to make it a combined party with the LCC party crowd and my blogreaders. Cool?

You dare to enter?

Of course the Onsen will probably look very different by then but I scouted for some rez emergency rez spots already. They will most probably not change anytime soon, right? So let’s see what we found in the vicinity:

OrcaGarage & Onsen_001
This is where vehiclists enter the premises:
LCC makes landfall here:

Quilassito beach is just vis-a-vis from Orca on the other side of Route 12. And now we know why the LCC chicken crosses the road.

Further we have rez spots in Galgano:
Sandy Denny is just a weak copy of the Blake’s Half Hitch but they’ve got a hut where you can dry your lekker fish: 
Pulciano rez spot is easy to locate. It’s a fukn lighthouse tower!
Kenosaki is a survivalist sandy island camp:

Whoa, didn’t know that Northern Nautilus had such a well-developed and pretty coastline. Well, how to get there is, as always, Kitten’s problem. But I’m quite sure she’ll find a nifty and entertaining route for all you happy sailors and motorists and flyers. Ugh well, motorists won’t have any problems, because not much choice. You best just follow Route 12, either start from the eastern terminus in Rannveig or western unpaved loop in Clinker.
Info about the road network:

Will try to find an airfield nearby for the Skyward Cruisers (or what they’re called) tomorrow. If I can’t find anything I guess it won’t get you in any trubbels with LL’s skymarshalls if you just set down on Route 12 or any abandoned land in the ‘hood …



  1. Ok…
    ok, ok, okokokok… We’re now completely informed how to get there but WHEN? Orca, Focus! tell the wiggling crowd:will it be 09/30 or 10/07? omgggg…
    and: what to wear? leather if i arrive by bike? or swimsuit already? it’s an onsen, roight?!
    will there be cokctails?!
    i might bring a friend. i picked her up in the jungle and she’s a lil wild, so things might go Crash and splat. that’s ok, i hope?


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hola Amiga, wow what a long list of kwestionés. =^.^=

      Date depends on Kitten’s whimsical moodswings I guess. The LCC Instant Party Crowd (just add beer) is booked out in advance for weeks. 😮 And I have no say in that matter.

      What to wear? According to me just a pair of scandalously high heeled stilettos and a towel is enuff. Not to dry yourself – I prefer peepels to be wet anyway – but in general because it’s always preferable to have a towel handy. But again it’s not my decision to make, y’all gotta dress acccordingly to your method of transport. Leather is always kool and sexayyyy … but probably a bit impractical on a sailboat. No?

      Yes, its supposed to be an onsen, but for that special occasion it’s just a pool. Actually the very moment anybody’s starting to dance and the DJ throws their tunes in the water you can’t really call it an onsen anymore. 🙂

      Ugh, Reni, wherever you are there will be cock. 😉 But cocktails? Even cokctails??? I have a bottomless supply of sake, and non-alcoholic beverages from the vending machines. And of course my proven Heineken beer server.

      Your wild jungle friend making a splat is the purpose of the whole exercise, no? Or isn’t splat the same as splash?


  2. *reads, nodding to herself, then mutters “heineken…” and rolls her eyes

    the *splat* was more related to any chinsese ming-vases that might end their life on that very day :p

    Oh, and scratch ym Cocktail demand: you are right. cock is solved and tail too – with kittensuzie 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • “heineken…” and rolls her eyes

      Yeah, right. Fukn Dutchy chemical soup is what it is. But it’s what the vendor says. :/


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