See? That’s Why!

Wonderful glorious guten Morgen, my lovelies!

Boy, am I in a grumpy mood today. So sorry about it but this mood gets me in the right mindset to write yet another devastating Linux distro review, full of poison and blind rage. But before I can do so I need to download the distro in question and install it on one of my poor little Lenovos, right? But what if that particular distro won’t even let me download the ISO file? Doesn’t shine a preferable light on it, doesn’t it?

But let’s start with the beginning. Some time last night my left middle finger started to hurt and became overly sensitive to touch and movement. Oh, I know that feeling, know exactly what it is: Prolly a pinched nerve. It’s now affected the whoe left arm. No idea where and how it happened but somehow it did happen. But must have overstretched or squeezed my spine. And this morning I didn’t feel like getting up and about at all. Usually I have an Aqua Aerobics class almost every morning of the week at 8:30 a.m. And as boring as it is, it does me good in addition to the regular yoga classes. And particularly enjoy doing stuff in the water and having daily showers. Anyway, not today. Maybe that’s why I’m such a grump.

So anyway, then I logged into SL to get some more texturing on my onsen done. But gave up after a very short while.

So much to do but not even enough energy to dress my pixel puppet. :/

Then I was browsing the SL Marketplace, looking for more onsen and jacuzzi stuff but noticed my heart was not in that either. :/ So what to do now? Uh, yes, YouTube is always a great source of bad entertainment, so let’s check my channels. Oh, TOS made a video about Hamara, an Indian (not native American) Linux distro. Interesting, a distro based on Ubuntu, using the Mate desktop. How creative, how exotic, how surprisingly fresh and never seen before and yadda yadda yadda … :/ That sounds so lame already from the description, it can’t be all bad, now can it?

Very informative website. :/

I really gotta check this Hamara shit out! I love to be positively surprised by stuff that appears to be old and stale and boring, rather than being pissed off by the fantastically new and fresh shite. But then, in typical clueless Indian fashion, they bore us with the same old mantras we know already from so many other Linuxy websites.

And the worst thing is … the download fails almost immediately! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Are those fux hosting their download files on an Indian server? I mean, how stuuuupid!!! What for do we have github and all the other nifty projects? No panic, I shall try it again at a later time and see what’s what and if it’s any good or at least tolerable.

Yes, I know, Ubuntu has its own spin of Mate, I even think it’s their most loved and downloaded version. But I don’t like it becauseย  it’s weirdly over engineered and kinda nanny state, so I was hoping Hamara might be a lighter version of Ubuntu Mate. However, we’ll find out later … maybe.;)




    • Right now the download server is down. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ As I already stated that doesn’t look like a very reliable distro. But ok, TOS said it’s running stable on his system. I only wonder why anyone outside of India would be interested in really using it. It seems their main point is to get Ubuntu translated into as many local Indian languages as possible. I don’t even know if I’m still interested in testing Hamara.

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        • Haha, yeah. That’s exactly why I try them out as well, so I can mercilessly kill them in my very fair “reviews”. Not, not really. I indeed try to stay fair and balanced. But after all those years on Linux one knows what to expect and how a certain distro will be like. And since I have my very own taste, like every Linux user, I don’t like the approach of most distros. And since I’m not one of those YT reviewers who just show you all the apps, but give my very subjective opinion instead, my articles often end up as killing fields. Orcablog is the place where Linux distros go to die. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I have to admit some sympathy with Hamara’s idea of Ubuntu in “local languages”. We look at India as this single culture when it’s many cultures and countries, just as Europe and China are. Of course, I’m a Cajun, so the idea of the United States having one culture and one language is a nonstarter with me, as we spoke French and English at home when I was young,

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        • Pat, you’ve gotta admit that throughout the states, no matter if in the deep (fried) south-east or the permanently snowed in north-west, and no matter if hotblooded Cajun or frozen cool Alaskan eskimo, there seems to be one major mindset in people.You notice this probably only as an outsider since we see the differences as petty and insignificant. You all more or less go through the same school system and learn the same value system. And, as I often notice, you’re all using the same arguments and reasonings in political discussions. Sometimes word for word, like copied from a textbook. And that is unfortunately the only thing that touches and interests us most about America: Their stance on world politics. I probaly don’t tell you new when I admit many of us are afraid … not of Russia, Iran or China but afraid of the USA.

          And while the USA is supposed to be a melting pot, people, even after 200 years, are divided into Irish, Italian, French, Black, German and so forth. In my class at school in Germany we had 1 Polish girl, 2 Russian, 1 Spanish and 1 Argentinian boys. But it didn’t matter the least little bit. It was just the birth certificates and nobody cared. We were all the same. In Europe different cultures truly melt together up to total loss of identity. No,not total loss. We all proudly identified as Hamburgers and most of us spoke the local dialect! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, apart from the Russians, but they were more or less fresh off the boat.

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          • Your intel on America is seriously flawed, when you say “And while the USA is supposed to be a melting pot, people, even after 200 years, are divided into Irish, Italian, French, Black, German and so forth.”

            For one thing, there’s no such thing as ‘pure-blooded Cajun” (in other words, someone whose only ancestors come from the Acadia region of Nova Scotia, Canada) outside of a handful of very small and isolated towns in South Louisiana.

            As soon as they arrived in America, Cajuns began intermarrying into the large wave of Germans, Bohemians, Magyars and other central Europeans who were sold small land grants by John Law as part of the real-estate swindle known as “the Mississippi Bubble” 40 years earlier, as well as Spaniards and Hispanic native Americans from the years when Spain got the Louisiana territory from France, as well as families of French settlers and native Americans. Intermarriage between Cajuns who’d already

            After the Cajuns arrived, further intermarriage was the general rule between them and Americans who moved in well before Louisiana was sold to the United States. Subsequent waves of immigration led to Cajuns who are part Ashkenazi Jewish (one town, Kaplan, has a much higher average rate of the hereditary illness Tay-Sachs Disease because of those marriages), Arabs, FIlipinos, Vietnamese, Irish, Italians and more Germans and other central Europeans.

            “Cajun” is not an ethnic group. It is the most common culture throughout the southern half of Louisiana because descendants of many ethnic groups eat the same foods, speak the same dialect of English, and hunt and fish in the same way (as in the satellite TV show “Swamp People”). Cajun French has almost died out with the older generation of Cajuns, and now Cajuns speak the same dialect of French they learn in grade school if they go to public school – the French spoken by French and Belgian citizens hired to teach it in Louisiana’s public schools).

            The same can be said all over the country. The only real exceptions to the rule that Americans intermarry between ethnic groups are religious ones – Amish (German descenants who belong to the Anabaptist sect brought to America by Jakob Ammann), ultra-Orthodox Jews, Jains, Sikhs, Bah’ai, Chaldeans and other groups who tend for religious reasons to only marry within their culture and faith.

            The real impact of any divisions between large ethnic groups such as Irish, Italian, French, Black, German and so forth is statistically insignificant. The number of them compared to the probability that the reports of them are wrong is fantastically high.

            Count the number of actual acts of racial or ethnic strife between Americans and divide by 330,000,000 (roughly, the population of the United States of America). You’ll get a number so small that the likelihood that the reporting of those events exaggerates their importance for purely commercial reasons far outweighs it.

            I’m sorry, but on that, Orca, you’re just wrong.

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            • But … butbut … hm … wait a sec … Ok, I get most of what I know via movies and TV series, yes, and I guess other than the whities vs blacks vs Mexicans the rest is just bickery and all in good humour. For example Asians andn Latinos are really well integrated into the American society. Ok, I’ll give you that.

              And the Cajun, I thought, were direct and indirect decendants of the French trappers and settlers of early America. Didn’t know they had much to do with the Ashkenazy Jews (part of my family). But whatever, I love sydeco music. It’s just the best for beer fests and parties. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              • American journalists have a saying: “If it bleeds, it leads”. You can’t sell many newspapers or TV ads reporting “Once again, today, over 99.99999 percent of Americans got through the day without shooting someone or committing a racist atrocity, and a few thousand more people married someone of an entirely different race or ethnic group”. Down deep, for one thing, it’s not news. People know this, so it’s not the press’s job to tell us what’s clearly true. It’s their job to tell us what we might not know. Unfortunately, the need to sell papers or ad space requires newspapers to tell us things, periodically, to tell us things we don’t know because they’re not true.

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                • Yes yes, I guess many European countries are experiencing the same now with the refugees crisis, which is really badly exploited by some radical inhumane groups to spew their hatred and shit.

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                  • To the extent there IS fake news here, over half of it is crap about racial war in Sweden and little girls being raped and murdered in Germany. I don’t take that seriously at all, for the same reasons I mentioned about the tripe printed about America. Most of it is poorly-formatted Web sites advertising garbage, and some of it doesn’t even carry real ads. Whoever’s doing it (some of it supposedly goes back to IPs in Russia, which I’m skeptical about because their Internet folks are at least as good as ours about using onion routers and crap) is interested in feeding hatred and misunderstanding. The problem is that the ‘legitimate’ press has abused their credibility to the point no one believes them, either.

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                    • Amen sister! Amen to that. And all that shit makes me so tired I’m slowly losing my will to live. At least on this planet. And other planets won’t take my presence lightly and try to kick me off by making my life very uncomfy. Mars is obviously still the friendliest, at least in our home system … but without proper attire I wouldn’t survive there for longer than a minute. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  1. Sorry to hear you’re having pinched nerve trouble. I have something similar, because I have arthritis up and down my spine. What you’re describing sounds like vertebrospinal facet stenosis, and it can be terrible to deal with. The water aerobics are as good as you can do without actual injections of steroids and anaesthetics to deal with the trapped/swollen nerve. Good luck with that

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    • My pinched nerve is just that, a pinched nerve. Probably moved in a wrong way, when I did some yoga party tricks in the pool, or slept in an awkward position. :/ Anyway, it’s already much better now, without getting a doctor involved or taking any medicine.

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