It’s Gotta Be Said Again

I guess I said it before. I’m saying it now. And I’ll say it again some time in the future. Don’t the fuk use Google when  you’re googling for stuff! We don’t like Google. We don’t trust Google. We don’t use Google. Is that clear now?

Look, friends, it’s the year of the lord 2018, the internet is so rich with opportunties and options and informations. And yet 99.9% of stupid sheeples put all their eggos in one basket. All the time. For all occasions and everything they wanna do. And that basket is Google. Those poor sheeples already spoil their kidz by steering them into a streamlined life with poor choices and dependency on proprietary solutions. I’ve heard some schools in the United States make it mandatory for their pupils to use ChromeBooks for all their schoolwork. Really?

Yes, they start early bringing in their future flock. And like a good flock we follow Google everywhere they lead us. Even if it doesn’t bear the Google name and Logo all the time. You know YouTube? Yeah, I love my YT too and spend most my online time on that site, watching all my subscribed channels. We don’t have a TV, you must know. So we watch YT instead. Oh, before I forget to mention; YT is owned by Google too.

But apart from that we’re trying to stay clear of the data kraken. And regarding your internet searches, Google’s core activity, where they get the most crucial data from, it’s pretty easy to avoid them. Look, I was trying to locate a Ford agent close by, looking for some very old parts. What did I use? And now don’t say I googled. Look:


StartPage is probably the niftiest alternative to Google searches. But there’s the famous Duck Duck Go and some others as well. And, what can I tell you? They work. Reliably and fast. It’s the fukn same as when you’re Googling. On your and my side it is.

Not on Google’s side. Because they won’t know that a certain Wiebke Gätjen in Cape Town, South Africa, is interested in getting a barrage of offers by all the Ford dealers. And that’s good so. Because I ain’t. And I’m not in the mood to delete dozens of spam mails and newsletters by all them fukn Ford agents in the next couple days. You see, that search, that precious info about me as a consumer, stays between StartPage and me. Neither Google, nor the CIA or NSA will ever know that I’m trying to locate a fuel tank cap and a starter motor for a 50 y/o Ford Transit van.

Because that’s not their business to know.

Oubaas gonna be roadworthy and registered soon-ish. 😉



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