Almost Done Now

Gud morning everybody!

Texturizered a bit and built a little entrance hall (where you can shed your useless clothes) and am almost satisfied now …


But now it’s all up to you how to get from the Landing Point into the lobby. Psht, between you and me, it’s the oldest trick in every builder’s book.




    • Pff.:/
      Yeah, from the outside it looks a bit like social housing project with all the concrete textures. Now that you say it I see it too. But at least the additonal lobby part is just a mock-up for now. The rest is okay since this is decidely not a classic onsen in some resort town somewhere in the Japanese snowlands but an urban build with a real pool. Just wait until everything is fully texturizered.

      Talking about my neighbours, theirs ain’t a wall but an artificial mountain with a little cave system and some occult matriarchal praying facilities inside. There’s a not very hidden entrance down on street level. Kinda interesting and very sympathetic if you ask me. Dark but pretty cool. 🙂


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