Ya, I know. It’s kinda sad …


My formerly mighty empire! 😮

Reduced to a humble 2-storey building! What a shambles. How low did I sink? 😦 Got rid of the Blog office and OrCafé and private penthouse. And all that to save the grand total of 9 or 10 prims. 😮 Yikes, right?

But bear with me, I could’ve never furnished the empty floors anyway, and they would’ve looked unfinished and stupid. And Orca, as a real DIY power-woman, doesn’t need any gimmicks in order to look stupid. It’s better this way. Believe me, I wouldn’t know what to do with a blog office, I never really needed a private home inworld. And the OrCafé? Pff, please. We can have great parties in the onsen. And what better parties than pool parties, right?

And to make my building, like, really socially useful I left the garage level untouched. Will probably arrange a rez spot, so you can rez, or re-rez, your vehicles. Cool, eh? Now I just need to do some serious texturing and then I’m kinda ready for the opening party. \o/ YAY! \o/


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