Semi-Anniversary on Namib GNU/Linux

24 February 2018: My first Namib GNU/Linux install

Oh wow, is it really already half a year? A whole 6 months without any major catastrophe, data losses or computer failures? Yes. it is so, indeed. It was on February 24 that I installed Namib for a test on MiniMe, my oldest and weakest desktop. And it swiped me off my feet. One or two days later I had my whole machine park set up on Namib, to never look back at any other operating system, be it Arch or any other Linux family.

Of course there were some bumps in the road. But nothing that amounted to more than just slightly uncomfortable speed humps. And it was all pretty easy to fix. And of course I used, and still continue to use, my smaller desktops and my stupid netbook OrcNet to test out other distros. Heck, that’s what I have them for. And some of the other distrosm came close to be my favourites, for example Linux Mint, my go to emergency system since 2011.

Whatever you wanna do, Linux Mint shall always be your favourite tool!

And lately the openSUSE fork GeckoLinux. Whoa, that OS suprised me with its speed and non-bitchy behaviour of its Mate desktop environment. I was even thinking about leaving the Gecko on OrcNet to use when we travel the next time.

Reddit looks good on Gecko

But somehow it doesn’t feel right to me. I’d have no clue about how to use the terminal should the need arise, and ya, well, who’s ever said that Linux is only for the cold hearted tech nerds, he? Namib simply feels more like home for this little Linux housewife so the Gecko will be killed as soon as we’ve finished typing this blogstory.

A last farewell to GeckoLinux

But back to Namib for a moment and some closing words: Hey, I don’t want any of you to take my enthusiasm as a recommendation. My reasons to chose this sideshow, one-man-show of an ArchLinux distro are my own and more or less personal. For me and my workflow, on my peculiar hardware namib just runs smoother and faster than its much more famous sister distro, Manjaro. Your mileage may vary. But at this point in time, for my usage and my abilities and requirements, Namib GNU/Linux is the distro to go!

Namib’s old logo

And there’s a lot of scepticism out there, yes I know. You’ll have my full understanding if you happen to be the admin of all NASA or NSA databanks and don’t wanna do your job on such a fringe system. But fortunately this stupid bloggy is right now the only halfways important stuff I do on my computers. And important only for me I guess. So for stuff like that ArchLinux is more that stable enough; it’s in fact one of the more stable operating systems I’ve ever worked on. I can’t tell you of a single instance of me being happy with any Windows version for as long as half a year.

Namib’s new logo
Oh wait. I guess I had XP on my first laptop for two or three years … and our iMac also did quite well. But that thing spent most his life packed away in an overseas container.

Anyhoo, congratz to me and my poor main computer and Namib GNU/Linux for a successful first six months in our happy partnership.

\o/b w00t! \o/


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