Allie’s NYC Story

When I talked to Allie Tomsen a couple days ago, she told me that she won’t go to the new NYC clubhouse because the builder ignored her (Allie’s) expertise and judgement. I decided to not report about that in detail (since knowing a story only from one side doesnt qualify me to write about it).

Well, today I received a lengthy notecard and a photo of NYC’s new dwellings (finally!), that I will publish here so you get the detailed info you deserve and can make up your own mind.

But first the obligatory photo, you’ve all been waiting for:

Looks somehow similar to the old build, but in the spirit of the modern times also colder and less comfy

And now Allie’s (unedited, unredacted, and not inappropriately touched) notecard:

Hey Orcs,
This is your old friend who, like you, speaks her mind. I read your blog, smiled, laughed out loud a few times… and got angry enough to comment on a few things.
Just to keep the record straight, I am not mesh. If you pinch me, I pixelate.
You are a damned good reporter because you got me to say some things I never told anybody in SL; the only problem is you paraphrased me and got it just wrong enough to be misleading.
I am talking about the new NYC clubhouse.
No, I do not hang out there for a multitude of reasons. I do go over to NYC to hang out at the lighthouse, in which I am trying to preserve a bit of the past. SL is teeming with the new and awe-inspiring… “vintage” has too many prims and is passe.
(Have you noticed businesses are closing and many locations do not even exist anymore?)
Sorry, I get carried away. Good thing you did not ask me about current affairs in RL.
Where was I? Oh yes, .the clubhouse.The Newtucket Yacht Club. (My own bitterly spoken word.)
In RL, I spent much time in Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA.
I loved the place, learned its history, photographed its streets…. well you get the picture. When I joined SL in 2007, I was entering a place of “your world, your imagination,” and found another Nantucket! (That location was there long enough for me to run ashore a few times, take a few photos and spend more than a few Lindens.)
Then came NYC at Northport… then came the Nantucket Yacht Club on the Blake in the sim named for it. I was asked to make it look authentic (using as few prims as possible, please.)
I gladly worked … constantly. I researched, retextured, shopped until it became work– and spent hundreds without asking for repay. I even built souvenir items, like a coffee mug, pillow, bracelet, ring. I designed formats for a newsletter, bulletin board and for the continually running slide show, photographed parties and boat races. I changed things with the season: flowers on the tables, snacks at the bar (tasteless, haha), changed themes at the bowling alley… and no one seemed to care.
But NYC was my hangout, and I happily greeted all newcomers, offered advice and assistance, even escorting noobies around SL. During this time, an accomplished new Commodore took over because Fran had passed away. There was a (mostly) great new crop of Race Directors… but as the real world began to change, so did the sailing community.
And NYC.
I won’t go into it here, but the new regime virtually ignored me.
I offered materials, help and my time, but no one asked. All the furnishings I spent years to gather were returned to me.Their vision of Nantucket was based on the photos of millionaires’ homes on the Internet.
The honorary title that I worked so hard to earn, was invalid last time I tried to use it: I no longer had the “privilege” of cleaning the grounds. I literally felt sick to my stomach.
And that was when I decided I had to avoid the Club. It was not worth getting sick about.
Now I do only what is asked of me: the Sankaty Lighthouse Museum and the Bowling Alley.
The Nantucket Yacht Club I worked for about eight years to preserve is gone.
A clean shiny club somehow bearing the same name stands there now.

Please allow me to add that I never “made” Allie say things. The whole story was really totally unplanned and I just wanted to snap a pic of the new NYC. Didn’t even plan to make a blog story of it at first. And now, after reading the notecard I gotta ask, was it so wrong to write “they have some interpersonal trubbels”? You know I’d hate to get in the middle of some struggle that doesn’t concern me. Well, far as I know I’m still a NYC member, if they haven’t kickered my skinny ass out. But I’m in no way anywhere close to their steering committee or any official stuff.

Apart from that I often feel the same as Allie. The real and the virtual world, and the people too, have changed. A lot. For the worse. Nobody has time anymore, nobody cares about stuff, we’ve lost a lot of creativity, of knowledge, of fun, of togetherness (what the Zulu call Ubuntu) and community spirit in the last couple of years. Anyhoo, I was deeply stirred by Allie’s account. NYC, one of the oldest and most respectable yacht clubs in SL seems to go the way of the dog now. 😦



    • \o/ Hoohoo Luna! \o/
      As Allie and me both noticed, times have changed … and not necessarily for the better. US presidency went down from naive but respectable B-Movie actors to reality TV personalities and business mavericks, and quality of SL resis went down with them. :/


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