Nice Mouse. But …


Today I bought the cheapest mouse, at least the cheapest wireless mouse, I’ve ever seen. Obviously made in China, which ain’t a bad thing per se. All mice, from the most renowned premium brands, down to bargain basement shit like my new rodent are made in China, often in the very same plants.

However, this one struck me as remarkably well looking and put together; for the pricepoint of two McDonald’s burgers. Look:


It’s a Baseline BL-WOM301 Wireless Mouse. Fancy name, yes I know. Doesnt’t matter since I guess you’ll find the exact same mouse with a dozen other names in cheapo China Town stores around the planet. What made this one stand out for me was the On/Off switch and a button to set 3 different speeds (800/1200/1600 DPI). Cool. The handling is ok-ish, not the smoothest but also not the wurstest ever. So a good buy. Oh, and very important for me, it uses a single AA battery, not those useless AAAs. And it can handle rechargables! Cool.

So everything perfect.

No. Not really. The Baseline rodent shuts down after a minute or so of idle time. No problem, just do a click and it wakes up again. Unfortunately that initial click will already be registered, and when you don’t know where the cursor was when you left the mouse alone, it sometimes leads to stupidly clicking on stuff you didn’t and shouldn’t really wanna click on. :/

Whatever. I needed a new mouse. And now I got one. All is good.


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