Hey Sceptics!


I just made a short little video, showing a typical Linux system update in real time. I receive on average 2 -3 such little updates per day, sometimes none, sometimes up to … hmm, I guess 9 was the highest number of updates I received in a day. And as I show you in the vid I can go on with my work while the update is running in the background. For example, making a movie of the process. Look, watch:

Took, like, 2 minutes altogether, and that with the video process slowing my system down considerably. Ended up with a new Libre Office. Cool. I mean your mileage may vary; sometimes those updates are very very very tiny and only changing increments of geeky system files, and are over and done with before you can even say wow. Other times they may take half an hour and reinvent half your PC. But this, what I showed you just now, is like a typical update.


And, this is the best part about updates, they are hardly some random spyware shit, Microsoft tries to strangle you with, but in 99.9% they are exciting updates to your beloved apps. This can be really exciting. 😉 Well, now an update for an office suite is barely exciting, is it? I mean, what is there really to make so new, to upgrade in a fukn typewriter? But the other day, just a couple weeks ago, when they dropped the shiny new Gimp 2 on us, now, that was a real cool thing. They made the good even betterer and supposedly closed the gap to Adobe’s 1000 multidollar PhotoShop a bit more. That was one of those updates everybody should always be looking forward to!


Update200818So you see there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to shy away from. Aaaaaaand this is on Namib GNU/Linux, a supposedly geeky and highly complex Arch Linux distribution! If you’re on Ubuntu, Mint, Lite or any other of the most used and beginner friendly Linuxes, such updates will only occur once in a blue moon and not as a daily happening like in Arch.

So you see, Linux isn’t half as bad as the sceptics and WinApple shills wanna make you believe. In fact, if Orca can do it, so can you!


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