Tonight hubby and me feasted on McDonald’s speedy food items, while watching the first episode of Better Call Saul Season 4. We love that series even more than Breaking Bad. Actually we had a lot of those MacDonald’s wannabe food, including the meal options and sticky soft drinks and all the usual shit. Hubby also had an Apple Pie and we both had Oreo Donuts on top. I mean, if you’re the badass, be the baddest badass you can be, right?


Word of advice here: As fancy and badass as Double Quarter Pounder might sound like, my two items were not even half as tasty as their normal variety. I guess they left out that special addictive oily fat taste that differentiates the usual Quarter Pounder from the rest of MacDonald’s weaker, more girly, sandwiches. And why they name it Double Quarter Pounder instead of Half Pounder?

… LOL. 🙂


Anyhoo, in the spirit of true badassery I also ordered my usual Filet-O-Fish. This remarkably tasty item on MacDonald’s menu takes the longest to prepare, but is so worth it. 😉 I always must have one that makes the crowning finale of my personal burgerfest, before I get on destroying the sweets. =^.^=

Oh, talking about that Fishburger, here’s a video about it:

Yikes, right?

And I guess I’m in for an extra special intense yoga practice today. :/


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