How Time Flies. :o

Tucked hubby in and logged into SL at around 3 A.M. and started to fiddle with my rooftop onsen. Now it’s 12:34 and I just logged off. Onsen does still look largely the same. :/ What for did I need all those hours? What the muck did I actually work on?


The devil is in the details. And as I, as an OCD sufferer, am a stickler for details, it becomes quite clear how I’ve spent the night. And the whole morning, and forenoon. But 9 hours? WTF? Am I relapsing into old SL habits? Fuk dat. I was so happy to have gotten rid of my SL addiction … and look at me now. I’m a wreck, turned into a grey, wrinkly old granny overnight. Quite literally. 😮


It’s not as if I hadn’t anything to do in RL, quite the contrary. But, well, today is Sunday is it not? And since I’m not a citizen of the USA I’m enjoying my weekend. Oh wait … I’m actually unemployed since 1999, so for me every day is weekend. Still gotta get used to it. =^.^=



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