Allie, NYC, Onsen, This and That …

Long time since I’ve seen Allie Tomsen in world. Of course it’s not her fault but my antisocial loner self is to blame entirely. But today, while I was busy torturing prims up in my rooftop onsen, she suddenly called me with her once-a-year IM. 😉

Allie and her humping doge. 🙂

Of course we talked, chatted about this and that and came to the subject of NYC and their new clubhouse. Oh, that was news for me, so I dropped my toolbelt and beamed to the Nantucket Yacht Club’s premises by the Blake Sea.

Didn’t get much done today :/

Allie told me she refuses to set foot into the new clubhouse, because … well, not my business to know. Let’s say they have some interpersonal trubbels around there. I always knew that TYC is too well organized with mentors and a steering committee and commodores and race directors  and what do I know how many other officers and staff. And in all the excitement I totally forgot to snap a photo of the new clubhouse. :/ Shame, really.

The all-new Allie Tomsen

Apart from that she’s very well and, like so many SL residents, hardly recognizable anymore. Yes, for my amateurish eyes it looks like Allie went the meshy and bento way too. Looking good, but is that really still my old friend Allie?

Not an interview, just a friendly chat


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