Oh my. :o Now They’re Overdoing It!

Whaaaa…? But I thought my GTX770 is still a wonderful kinda top-rated graphics card. Not?


Didn’t they just tell us their new top dog card would be called 1180? And now they’re doing the jump directly to 2080? This is all too fast and too much for my stupid brain to process. Oh my. :/

Those aholes! They must not think little Orcsi will storm into the next store and grab a 2080 right from their dead cold hands. Oh no. No sir! Can’t and won’t afford such stuff, am not a computer geek and not a gamer either. Just a toony little girl with a nonsense blog about her shenanigans in SL. And as long as I can see that better than on a 300 $ laptop I’m soo not gonna upgrade my hardware anytime soon!



    • Whatever it is, it’ll be just another part of the teenage gamers rat race. And since I’m quite out of my teenage years and not a gamer at all, I guess I’ll just give yet another generation of Nvidia cards a pass. 🙂
      Have better ways to waste our little money, there is this fukn van, hanging out in our parking lot, waiting for completion. :/ It’s a more worthwile project than shortlived computer parts anyway.


    • And btw, it’s nice to read more comments from you lately. What happen, you got bored with other stuffz? Anyhoo, welcome backsies. xoxox Now go, comment and like my posts and join in the silly social networking shit. Menge tak.


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