Taking More Showers :)


Okay, for a real before and after comparison I should’ve taken some landscape photo, right? With lots of greenery and fine details and looong DD. But be assured this second shower photo was taken just now with the original proprietary Nvidia DKMS graphics driver. The computer started right up without any problems and I couldn’t be a happier hippo if I tried. Even the Firestorm viewer noticed my new driver at once and told me I’m not any longer on the Nouveau (Linux open source) driver but on the original and set me up with much higher graphics. I only needed to tweak some fine settings and here I am, rendered in all my nekkid glory, with shadows and everything. =^.^=

In case you didn’t know, frederic2ec is the mastermind behind Namib GNU/Linux

Merci beaucoup Frederic, your expertise helped this stupid housewife survive the latest ordeal. And the best thing is, I didn’t need to switch back to Linux Mint. After six or seven years in Arch It’d be a shame to crawl back to some buntu clone beginners distro, right?



    • Yes, I know many old salts are using Ubuntu. Not even the much more fancy Mint but stock standard Ubuntu. Why they do it … nobody knows. LOL I only know I couldn’t live with that Unity desktop, and now with Gnome3 even less. And didn’t Ubuntu always brag about being so beginners friendly n stuffz, and aren’t most real beginners friendly distros based on Ubuntu as well?
      Oh, and Ubuntu Mate, which should be right up my alley, is too much nanny state for my taste.


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